Multi-Functional Raised Cheek Piece

An often overlooked piece of necessary sniper equipment is the raised cheek piece. More often than not, the crown of the stock is not satisfactory with the scope and rings mounted on the rifle. Unless you have a custom stock with all the adjustments known to man, you need to remedy this problem. Next to a crisp trigger, centering your eye in your optics on every shot is a requirement for tight and accurate groups. The SS gear cheek piece includes a heavy gauge plastic sewn into the ammo cover. A quick reference ballistics chart can be slid underneath for instant access. The ammo holder holds 5 rifle rounds, and the operator can shoot with the ammo cover open only to view the quick chart or flipped all the way open, so the operator can access the ammo. The dope sheet is easily switched out for climate changes. The cheek piece installs and comes off easily, for convenience while cleaning your rifle. Cheek heights available are 3/8, 3/4 and 1 1/8. Scopes with 40mm objectives can generally use the ¾ in cheek rest, unless you have low bases. With a 44mm Burris I use the ¾. The ¾ also works with the 50mm objective. I have a Leupold on medium bases and this height works great. Your bases and your stock crown height determine how much you need. The best way is to cut 1in wide strips of cardboard, about 4 to 6 inches long and keep stacking them up until you can see the center of your scope. You may need a pal to assist as you will need to close your eyes and get into your rifle. When you open your eyes, if you are looking at your scope base, then you need to add cardboard. DON’T move your head and look for the cross hairs, you should simply open your eyes and there it is! Simple!

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