About Us


About us

Besides being in the sling business, Brian has 24 something years in Law Enforcement, Currently the Road Division Lieutenant for the Tuscarawas County Sheriff's office, SWAT Team member and training coordinator, State certified precision rifle operator/instructor and OPOTA patrol rifle/carbine, machine gun, semi auto and revolver pistol, shotgun instructor,  various  SWAT certs , etc. Predominatly an entry officer with a sub-gun handling sniper work when needed & certifies CCW privately on the side. Tactical Rappel instructor at the Tuscarawas  County Sheriff's Office 53ft Tactical Rappel Tower. Petzel certified  trainer on the "EXO" Personal Safety System. Rappel Trainer for Revac-USA. Underwater Dive Rescue Int. specialist, Full cave and mix gas certified etc. The list goes on. At a time when there was not a lot to work with in regard to specialty equipment in hunting, diving, weapon slings,  harnesses, etc. he began building his own gear.  Over the years it became a business to supply the products that he had made for himself to others who requested one & grew from there. Our website offers the most popular of his  patented designs.  Patent: #7.989.218  They are also available through Licensed Raine Inc. for Military sales, and are currently being used by the Marines at this time.  



Our help

Tactical gear should be designed and fabricated by actual users. Here at Savvy Sniper Slings our gear is designed & tested by active snipers, SWAT operators, trainers & Military. Most slings can be purchased through dealers as well as special needs or custom work can be ordered through our shop directly.  We make our slings in our shop located in Tuscarawas County, Ohio with help from the local Old order Amish community in a shop located nearby in Guernsey County.  Many slings and parts are moved around locally by horse and buggy.   For them there is no TV, vehicles, bicycles, phones or electric of any kind other than belt fed gas motors for mills or other jobs. Wood stoves, outhouses, bare feet, a lot of honor, pride and sweat are a way of life.  Weddings on Thursdays and Church at each other's house every Sunday, staying til dark enjoying the company. Everyone drops for a barn raising or someone in need and they stick together. Powered by a gas fired motor, belt fed into a shop to clutch driven commercial Juki sewing machines, all the while lit by oil lamps. We all are as old school as it gets &  take our time to build them right. All of our energy is in making the best designs for specific needs.

This is very much a family business that built our shop from the ground up honestly. We appreciate good values and close knit relationships with our dealers and customers. 

Thanks, the Alford family